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Control Panel Lights for Instrument Panels

Stack-Light.com carries a large selection of control panel lights and audible alarms. These products provide many options for building the perfect instrument panels for your project.

The IL-SQ series of square status lights have a unique shape that can be an attractive alternative to the more common round indicator lights normally found on instrument panels. These indicator lights are powered by 22V DC and fit a standard 22mm hole. 

square LED

Square Instrument Panel Lights IL-SQ

The IL-PL series of instrument panel lights come in two sizes. 8mm and 10mm versions are stocked and ready to order. These status lights are durable and attractive. The can be ordered with wires preinstalled to save time in installation.

LED Instrument Panel Lights IL-PL 

The IL-BZ series of signal lights include a built-in audible buzzer. These multifunction control panel lights work well in applications where the operator may step away from the control panel and needs to be alerted with an audible device. These buzzers fit a standard 22mm hole and are powered by 24 volts.

Indicator Light Buzzer with LED Panel Mount - IL-BZ

Instrument Panel Buzzers IL-BZ

 Ther ICPB Control panel lights have the ability to turn Green or Red. These LED indicators are white when the power is off. This unique function makes these indicator lights ideal for uses where space is limited or a cleaner control panel design is needed. These fit a standard 22mm control panel hole for easy installation.

24V DC 2 Color LED Indicator Light

2 Color LED Indicator Lights ICPB

The ILTC control panel status lights are capable of turning red, green or Amber. These indicator lights come in two sizes. These are often used on instrument panels or automated equipment. These status lights include a bracket and a quick connect cable. 

3 color LED control panel pilot light

Three Color Status Light - ILTC

 The IL-E series of pilot lights fit a standard 22mm instrument panel hole. These indication lights come in five colors. Red, Green, Amber, Blue, and White. They are powered by 24V. Other voltages are available by special order. 

green pilot light

LED Pilot Light IL-E

At Stack-Light.com we are always looking for new ways to serve our valued customers. Adding instrument panel lights to our lineup of Andon stations, Tower lights, and Industrial Task Lights helps us fulfill our commitment to being your industrial lighting vendor of choice. Let us help with your next project. Call Now!

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