Control Panel LED Lights

Control Panel LED Lights is proud to introduce the IL-PL series of Indicator lights. These small LED status lights come in a variety of sizes. They come in five colors and can be selected to fit your application. 

small led indicator lights for control panels

The led indicator lights come in Red,  Green, Amber, White, and Blue. They can be ordered with wires installed to save time in assembly or they can be ordered with solder lugs for you to solder into your project. 

These LED Status lights are very robust but for extremely rugged environments they can be ordered with a shield over the LED. This protective shield makes it very hard to break the LED. They also come in a flat version.

These status lights come standard as 24V versions. Other voltage models are available upon special request. is here to help you with all of your industrial lighting needs. We carry a large selection of Andon Lights, Stack-Lights and Work Cell LightsCall Now!! for help with your lighting application.

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