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Stack-Lights commitment to you

Help with andon lights and led work lights was founded by Engineers who have spent years designing automated machinery and working in manufacturing environments. We felt there was a need for a Signal device company that made shopping simpler and delivered Andon lights quickly. We believe that we have delivered on that goal and made it easy to specify the exact Stack Light or Andon system for your application All of Stack light's products are easy to configure to fit your project. They also ship fast. 95% of all products ship within the first 24 hours. We are proud of that. 


Stack Lights Commitments

  • Design an Industrial lighting website that is easy to use.
  • Make it easy to specify the exact Andon system or Task Light for your project.
  • Ship 95% of Andon products within 24 working hours.
  • Ship Custom Andon systems within 1 week.
  • Provide excellent customer support.
  • Carry a large selection of Tower Lights, Andon Systems and Indication lights
  • Be available to build custom Andon systems that fit your needs
  • Continue to offer innovative Alarms and signaling products to our valued customers


Andon Light and tower light experts standing by

Let us help you with your next Andon or industrial lighting project. We are standing by and eager to be of assistance. Call Now!!!






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