Wireless Multi Colored Tower Light RCSLMC50-S

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Wireless Tower Light - RCSLMC50

  • $450.00

Wireless Andon Light RCSLMC50

The RCSLMC50 Tower lights are unique in that they can be triggered by an RCL wireless remote control from over 150 feet away in most environments. This makes these signal devices easy to install and ideal for many applications where the status light and operator are a long distance from each other.

Wireless Andon Light station with RF remote controls

The tower light and remote control are normally ordered as a matching pair. However extra tower lights and remotes can easily be added to your Wireless Andon Stations. If you order the tower lights and controllers at the same time, we will program them to work together here at our facility. If you need to add additional lights or controllers at a later date, it is easy. We will be happy to help walk you through the process on the phone or you can use the wireless Andon programming instructions show below. 

Additional wireless remotes can also be added to these Andon systems. Each system can use up to twenty controllers and can have just as many tower lights. The RF system contains millions of unique codes allowing multiple wireless Andon units to be placed throughout your facility without cross-talking to each other.  Multiple wireless systems can be used in each facility.

There are two types of wireless tower light controllers. The RC-L remotes can control tower lights with three to five colors. These are housed in a tough plastic enclosure to make them robust but also more affordable. 

To order additional controllers click the link below. 

 push button Andon remote control

To order extra RC-L tower light remotes.

order remote controls for wireless Andon stations

 The RC-M Andon remotes use the same technology as the RC-L versions. However, the transmitter is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure. These remotes have built-in flanges to make them easy to mount. These transmitters can control from one to five signal lights. 

remote transmitter for wireless Andon system

To order RC-M Andon transmitters click below.

order wireless Andon transmitters

remote control programming instructions for stack lights Programming Instructions for wireless Andon Units is committed to providing innovative lighting and status devices to our customers. The RCSL series of Andon lights provides yet another option for your signal device needs. We are here to help you make your lighting selection. Call Now.

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