stack light SBSL60 LED Andon Station
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -
SBSL60 LED Andon Station -

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Andon Station

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LED Andon Call Station

The SBSL line of Andon stations come pre-assembled and ready to use. Just plug into a 110V outlet and you are up and running. These LED call stations are often used as warehouse call stations, production status indicators or for a variety of other applications. 
The Andon stations use the latest LED technology to assure that the status lights can be viewed from a long distance. The LEDs are long-lasting with an estimated life of 50,000 hours. Each Andon station comes with a 9 foot 3 prong cord.
LED Andon Station
These call stations can be customized to fit your unique application. The standard units can be ordered with up to five signal light levels. Each light is controlled by its own independent switch. It is possible to turn on more than one color at a time. These units can be specified to sound a built-in buzzer when the red signal light is on or the buzzer option can be removed for applications that only need a visual indicator. It is possible to specify if the red LED light is steady or flashes.

Andon Tower Light Stations Available

One Light Andon Station

Two Light Andon Station

Three Light Andon Station

Four Light Andon Station

Five Light Andon Station

Typical Andon color meanings are listed below. 
  • Green - Everything is running well.
  • Yellow - Signifies that action needs to be taken to prevent a disruption in production.
  • Red - A call for help. production is down or work has stopped.
  • White - Often used to indicate that production is in change-over.
  • Blue - Normally indicates a quality problem has been detected.

The SBSL60 unit can also be ordered with a  remotely located switch box. This option is great for situations where the Andon Lights need to be activated from a distance away from the operator.

remotely switched andon system

These SBSL60R units have a cable that connects the Andon signal lights to the control switches. The Cable can be specified to work for your particular project.  

While we carry a wide selection of Andon stations, there are times that a project may call for a custom solution. Call us and we will be glad to help work with you on a solution specific to your project. 



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