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Adjustable Machine Work Lights - ML1

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Machine Work Light

The ML1 is the ideal machine light. They are rugged, bright, and easy to adjust. They are constructed from anodized aluminum and are IP65 rated. This makes them corrosion-resistant and perfectly suited for washdown application. They are often used to light CNC machinery where cutting fluids are splashing. 

LED Machine Work Light

These high-powered LED lamps have an adjustable pivot that makes it easy to aim the light precisely where you need it. These lights are equipped with the latest LED technology making them efficient and long-lasting. The LEDs put out a very bright 830lm of evenly distributed white light. The IP65 rating makes these lights ideal for applications where liquids might be sprayed or splashed onto the light. This feature makes them work well as a CNC machine center light. These are available as both 24V and 120V work lights.

The ML2 task lights use the same head, LED, and lens as the ML1 led lights but have an adjustable mechanical arm built into the work light.

adjustable machinery light with gooseneck arm

The addition of the mechanical arm to the work light makes the ML2 great for applications where the light needs to be redirected from time to time. The light is easy to move but will stay in place once it is positioned. These are often used to replace old Bridgeport  Lights.

We also carry a Bracket that makes it possible to mount these lights on a vertical surface. The ML-BR-1 bracket was designed to fit the ML1 and ML2 Lights. 

LED Workshop Light Bracket

Typical Applications:

CNC Milling Machine Lights

Engraving Machine Lights

Lathe Sation Lights

Molding Machine Lighting

Work Cell Lighting

Inspection  Lighting


Power:                 9.5W

Input Voltage:      Optional 110V LED Lights,  220V LED Lights,  24V LED Lights

IP Rating:            IP65

Beam Angle:       33 Degrees

Light Color:         6000-6500K

Material               Aluminum Housing, PC Lens, PA + 15% GF Base

Working Temp:    -20 - 45 Degrees C

Humidity:            10% - 90%

Life:                     50,000 Hours

CE Rated

 ML1 task light drawings and specifications ML1 work light specifications



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