Indicator Light Red / 6" Wire / Yes Indicator Lights - 10mm
10mm indicator lights red green blue, amber and white
green indication led 24v
green indicator light for control panel
red warning light for control panel
control panel red warning light
red led light
red indicator light 24v
green lights for control panel
green panel mount led
panel mount led green and 24V
green status light led
amber led indicator light
yellow andon indicator light
yellow led light solder type
amber led status light
Blue Status lights led 24V
Blue status lights with wires installed
small blue LED status light
blue andon indication light
white indicator lights 24V
white control cabinet light
led indication lights for control panels
led indicator light white color and 24V
small 24V white indicator light

Part #

Indicator Lights - 10mm

  • $5.75

LED Indicator Status Lights

The IL-PL indicator lights are ideal for use as status lights and control panel lights. These 24V indication lights can be easily specified to fit your project. These LED status lights are available in both 8mm and 10mm version. 

small indicator lights

 Indicator Lights 8mm and 10mm

The Indicator lights are available in five different colors. These LEDs come in Green, Red, Amber, White or Blue. Each color lit with a LED making them visible from a distance. These LED Indication lights work well as status lights and control panel lights.

Red Indicator Light, Blue Indicator Light, Green Indicator Light, Amber Indicator Light, White Indicator Light

 Colored LED Indicator Lights

The IL-PL control panel lights can be specified to come with the wires attached to the indicator light.  The standard wire is 6 inches long but can be custom ordered to fit your application. 

blue indicator light with wires

Indicator Light with wires attached


red indicator light with solder terminals

Indicator light with solder terminals 

The Indicator lights can also be ordered with solder lugs for applications where you need to solder the wire yourself. 

LED Indicator Lights 24V for status signal

Control Panel Indication Lighting Options

The IL-PL LED indicator lights can be specified to have a protective shield to guard the LED. These status lights can be used in where the conditions are rougher and the indicator Led needs better protection. The unshielded option offers a little less protection but it is still very robust. The unshielded Indicator light has the advantage of being visible from varying angles. This makes it the better choice for many environments. 

The standard IL-PL control panel lights require a 24V power source. Other voltages can be custom ordered. Each indicator light includes a lock washer and nut for easy installation.

Typical Indicator Light uses

  • Control Panel status lights
  • Automation indication Lights
  • Machinery Warning Lights
  • Status indication lights
  • Operator status lights is here to help with all of your work lighting needs. We carry a large selection of Andon System, Stack-Lights, Industrial Task Lights, and Indication lights. We are happy to help with your project. Call Now!!







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