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Introducing the WL73 LED Stobe light

Small Strobing Beacon Light is happy to introduce the WL73 LED strobe light.

The WL73 is made to work in many applications. It can be used as a beacon for alerting production workers or as a warning light or status light on machinery or automation. The beacon light uses bright LEDs that flash 140 times a minute. The strobing light prompts employees to take action.

The light can be ordered in four different colors. The colors are red, green, amber and blue. Typical reasons for picking the different colors are listed below.

  • Green – The green LED strobe light often indicates that a process is ready to start.
  • Yellow – The yellow LED strobe light can alert workers to a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Red – The red LED strobe light can be used as a warning light.
  • Blue – The blue LED strobe light can alert workers to take a specific action. The blue lights meaning often changes as needed based on the application.

The WL73 light is small making it perfect for office or call centers. It also works well on smaller industrial equipment.  It measures 73mm (2.9”) in diameter and is 44mm (1.75”) in height. The light is constructed mostly from plastic. It is best suited for light duty applications.  It can be surface mounted with two screws.

The light is powered by 12-24 volts. The wire that exits the strobe light is 12 inches long.

The WL73 is an affordable solution for many light-duty strobe applications.


Rated Voltage:              12V-24V

Working Current:            30mA

Working Temperature:   -20 to 60 degrees C

Flash Frequency:          140 flashes / min

Product weight:             55g

Dimensions:                  73mm Diameter x 44mm tall

Mounting:                     2 – M3x.5 screws

Light source:                 15 LEDs

Warranty                      1 year

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