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Stack-Light.com is proud to introduce a new line of Wireless Andon and Tower Light stations. We are committed to offering new and innovative products to our customers. These Andon stations are ideal for situations where the signal light and control need to be located a distance from each other or a signal light needs to be activated by more than one controller.  These new signal devices provide exciting new choices and help you specify the perfect Status light for your project.

Andon system with remote controls

The remote-controlled Andon can be configured a variety of ways. Each system can come equipped with multiple tower lights and remote controls. You can order the controls and tower lights as a kit and the components will be programmed to all work together at our facility. You can also add tower lights and remotes to your system as needed. Programming is easy and we are always standing by ready to help. 

There are two stack light types that can be chosen for your wireless system. The RCSLMC50 system uses a single light that is capable of turning Red, Green or Amber. 

RCSLMC Andon with RF remote

The RCSL60 wireless Andon systems use the same remote controls. However, these systems can have from one to five light levels. The tower lights are white, blue, green, amber and red. Both systems can be specified to sound an audible alarm or not. 

tower light with wireless remote controls

RCSL60 Wireless tower light system

There are two choices for the remote controls. The RC-L transmitters are housed in a durable plastic enclosure. These units can control from three to five lights. 

tower light remote control

RC-L Tower Light remote control

The RC-M remote controls have the transmitter housed in a rugged metal enclosure. These remotes can be easily mounted to a wall or the side of a machine using four screws. These RF controls can trigger tower lights with one to five signal lights. 

RF remotes for Andon light

RC-M Tower Light Remote Controls

We are excited to introduce these new remote controlled stack lights. We are committed to bringing you innovative solutions to your alarm and status light application. This new wireless line up is one more step in our goal to be your industrial lighting and signal device vendor of choice. Call us and let us help with your project. 

let us help with your wireless Andon system

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