Towers Light Stations with lighted control buttons

Towers Light Stations with lighted control buttons

Lighted Buttons for Signal Tower is proud to announce the addition of lighted pushbutton switches as an option on our Signal towers and Andon stations. The new lighted switches have several advantages over the normal rotary switches. 

Andon push button switches with lights

Adding the pushbutton switch to a Tower Light station or Signal Tower gives your operators one more opportunity to visually notice the status of a piece of machinery or a process. The colored buttons light up to correspond with the active tower light. This lets the control switch station act as a second Andon station. This is especially helpful in applications where the Lighted signal tower and the control switches are located a distance from one another. 

Signal Light with control switch

The SBSL60R Signal tower shown above uses the push lighted push button feature. This makes it possible to locate the controls a distance from the stack lights. This version of our signal light stations is often ordered with the lights and the controls spaced over twenty feet away. The cable connecting the two can be specified to be a custom length. The lighted buttons are ideal in applications similar to this. is committed to being your signal device vendor of choice. We will continue to add new and innovative lighting products to our line. We offer a large selection of tower lights, stack lights, and Andon systems. If you find that you have a need for something that is not shown on our website, give us a call. We will be happy to help with your selection and can even make a custom Andon system for you. Call Now.


Andon innovation for stack lights, tower lights and signal towers.





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