Andon Stations

Andon Stations

Simple Andon Station 

Andon Stations with Custom Poles

The SBSL60 Andon Station a simple economical solution to for many Status Lighting applications. The stack lights  come fully assembled with a control switches. These can be ordered with from one to five lights and include a buzzer that can be activated or not. 

Typically these are used in call centers or workstations to indicate the status of production or to call for assistance. For instance a operator might use the green status light when operations are running smoothly, They might switch the light to yellow when they will need parts soon or might turn the light to red to call for assistance from maintenance or management. There are many other applications for the SBSL60 lights. 

These lights are built to order and can be customized to fit your specific applications. Our website makes it easy to pick the perfect light or you can call and we are happy help with the selection. Most orders ship within 2 days. You can have a custom Status light built for your application delivered quickly. 

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