signal light tower with built in controls

Signal Tower Light with Push button Controls is proud to introduce the SBMC50RP line of Signal Towers. These Status lights are ideal for applications where the tower light and controls need to be positioned a distance from one another. 

Andon Tower Light with remote controls

The pushbutton controls light up to match the colored tower lights. Having lighted buttons provides a second set of status lights that mimic the tower light above. This feature makes the controls act as an additional set of status lights. This is a big advantage in applications when the controls and signal tower are out of the line of sight of each other. 

These Signal towers turn red, green or yellow. They can be ordered with a buzzer that sounds when the right is red. The red status light can be ordered to flash or stay steady when on. The standard cable between the tower light and control box is 6 feet. However, this cable can be ordered to be a longer length upon request. is committed to bringing new and innovative products to market. Adding the lighted push buttons to the Andon controls is one more way that we have provided extra value to our customers. We carry a large selection of stack-lights, tower lights, and Andon stations. We can also build a custom system that is perfect for your project. Call us and let us help with your selection. 

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