Signal Light Station

SBSL60 Andon Stations

Andon Signal Stations with Built in Switches

ANDON TOWER LIGHT STATION is proud to introduce the SBSL line of stand alone Andon stations. These are pre-assembled and plug and play. The signal lights can be ordered with one to five light levels. The red light can flash or stay steady when on. A buzzer is included and can be tied to the red light to sound an 85dB audible alarm when the red light is active. 
These signal devices employ the latest LED technology. The lights are very bright, energy efficient and long-lasting. The estimated LED life is 50,000 hours. 
Each light is controlled by its own independent switch. It is possible to turn on more than one color at a time if that is desired. These units can be specified to sound a built-in buzzer when the red signal light is on or the buzzer option can be removed for applications that only need a visual indicator. It is possible to specify if the red LED light is steady or flashes. We also offer a model that allows the switches to be mounted in a different location than the Andon Tower Light.

Light Color Typical Meanings:

  • Green Light - All is well.
  • Yellow Light - Action is needed soon
  • Red light - Help is needed now
  • White light - Production change over or shift change in effect
  • Blue Light - Often used to indicate a quality issue

We are happy to help you with your custom Signal device application and we often build custom Andon systems for our customers. We encourage you to call and discuss how we can work together on your project. 


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