SBSL60R Andon Call Station

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Remote Andon Call center

Remote Switched Andon Stations is proud to introduce the SBSL60R line of Andon stations. These come pre-assembled and are plug and play ready. This model has a cord between the lights and switches to make it possible to mount the Andon tower in a separate location than the switches. These are perfect for call center signal lights, warehouse call stations and have multiple uses as industrial status indicators. These Signal stations use advanced LED technology The lights are bright, energy efficient and long-lasting.
These Andon Stations can be built to fit your specific needs. They can be configured with one to five light levels. An Audible alarm is included and the red light can be ordered to flash or not. We can also build custom units. If you have an application that requires something that does not fall within our standard line, give us a call. We would be glad to help.
Also, see the SB60SL models.

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