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Plug and Play Andon

Stack offers a large selection of status lights, andon systems and tower lights. Many of these lights are made to be used on industrial machinery and need to be wired and controlled by the equipment that they are installed on. However, there are many applications that require a simpler solution. For this reason we offer a variety of plug and play status lights.

The SBMC50 lights are the simplest of the manually controlled status lights. This one light can turn red, green or yellow. It can be built with or without an audible alarm. These status lights are ideal for work stations. They can let a operator quickly inform management when help is needed or if everything is running smoothly. 

Manual Andon Light

Plug and Play Status Light

The SBSL60 lights are plug and play. They use a SL60 stacked light that can have from one to five lights. These can be ordered with an active audible buzzer or not. More than one of the lights can be switched on at the same time. This makes it possible for the light operator to inform others of multiple conditions. 

stack light with manual switches

SBSL60 - Manual Stack Light


The SBD manual status lights can be used in industrial applications are can be used as an office cubicle status light. These lights are three levels. They can be ordered with a cubical clamp bracket to make installation super simple. These status lights are perfect for an office environments and call center status lights. 

office status light

SBD - Cubicle Status Light

All of these manual stack lights can be configured to work for your specific application. They can be ordered with lighted buttons or simple rotary switches. There are options to extend the distance between the light and the controls. Each light is built to order. Most lights ship the same day. is standing by and ready to help with your application. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for on our website, give us a call. We can often build a system thats perfect for you.

simple andon lights


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