Push Button Enclosures

Push Button Enclosures

Push Button Control Boxes

Stack-Light.com offeres a large selection of Push Buttons and Enclosures. These enclosures are made to work with standard 22mm buttons. We have everything you need to build a control box that works for your specific application. 

The CB-P enclosures can be ordered with 1-5 holes. They can be used with Keyed, Rotary or Push Button Switches. One end is pre drilled for a Cable Gland which we also carry. We stock all of these components and can assemble your control box for you at our facility. This makes it convenient to build the perfect switch enclosure for your application. 

There are a variety of switches to choose from. We stock latching and momentary switches in red, green, black, yellow, white and blue colors. Most of the switches can be lighted. 

22mm Latching Switches

The SWP22L line of latching switches come in 6 colors and can be lit or not. 

Latching Switch 22mm Red

The switches can be ordered with interchangeable normally open and normally closed contacts. 

Momentary 22mm Switch

The SWP22M Momentary switches also come in 6 colors and can be lit or not. 


22mm Rotary Switch

The SWR22 rotary switches come in 6 colors and can be lit or not. 

22mm Rotary selector switch

Examples: Push Button Enclosures

Selector switch control boxCustom wireless Remote Control

push button control

We are always happy to discuss your application on the phone and help you put together the ideal components for your application. Call now. 

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