M12 Micro Cordsets

M12 Micro Cordsets

M12 Micro Cordset

Stack-Light.com is proud to introduce a new line of M12 quick-disconnect micro cord sets to our product line up.

The M12 Cord-sets work great on robotic and automation applications. They are also perfect for wiring sensors, machinery, conveyors and lighting applications. These Micro M12 cables come in various lengths. The micro cordsets can be specified with either straight or 90-degree plugs.

Standard cables come with a plug on one end and flying leads on the opposing end. They can also be custom ordered with plugs on both ends. The contacts are gold plated copper and the coupling is nickel plated brass. The standard jacket is PVC and is used for general applications. PUR jackets can be specified for applications that are oily or get a lot of sunlight.

 Wire Gauge                              22 Gauge

Mating Thread                           M12

Voltage rating                           300V

Amperage rating                       4 Amps

Cable O.D.                                .2”

Color Code                               DC

Jacket Material                          PVC

Jacket Color                             Yellow

Shielding                                  Nickle Plated Brass

Gland upper Range                   .2

Gland Lower Range                  .2

IP Rating                                  IP67

UL Listed                                  Yes

C-UL Listed                              Yes

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